Accommodation / Courts

The upcoming 2018 summer basketball camp Kolasin will offer two types of accommodation with different deals and prices. All accommodation capacities that we offer are recognized for their quality. This season, we offer private mini hotels and the super luxury hotel Bianca Resort with 5 stars.


Mini Hotels, which are designed to accommodate participants of the camp, and the restaurant “Mountaineer”, in which children will enjoy meals adjusted to young athletes, have been recognized for quality and hospitality for many years. We tried to offer our participants accommodation where they will primarily feel comfortable and pleasant.


Bianca Resort & Spa is a 5-star hotel located in the center of Kolasin. It is surrounded by 25 acres of magnificent pine forests and has a breathtaking view of the mountain Bjelasica. Participants of the camp who decide for this luxury hotel will stay in double and triple-bed rooms.


Kolasin has perfect natural conditions for summer training camps. With three outdoor basketball courts and two sports halls, basketball camp Kolasin has the entire sports infrastructure.
The big sports hall with 3000 seats, which was recently completely rebuilt and renovated, is a major sports facility where many top clubs and national teams come to do their training. During a basketball camp the hall is used not only for training but also to organize basketball games for the children of appropriate age. Another sports hall is located within the Risto Manojlovic primary school. It is known as one of the best school sports halls in the region. With all of the extra equipment and side hoops, this hall is ideal for providing coaches and children with quality training with a lot of content.

Three outdoor courts that are covered with reflectors are intended for training during the sunny days. Together with the two mentioned sports halls, they are more than enough reason for this camp to become international.